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About Me

I come from 4 generations of women who have had a passion for sewing. I want to preserve the time honorable "Art of Sewing." At 5 years of age my grandmother and aunt started teaching me to sew, crochet, and knit. I started with sewing doll clothes, then my clothing: dresses, prom dresses, suits, slacks, tops, and jackets. I modeled women's clothing at upscale stores and spoke with women shoppers about design, fit, style, fabric, and what they liked and did not like. I also entered sewing contests and expanded my knowledge of sewing techniques and designs from other contestants. I have completed courses in jacket tailoring, pattern drafting, French Hand Sewing, sewing ultra suede, and garment construction. Over the past 25 years many of my new designs have come out of the discussions I’ve had with women about what they liked and didn’t like, current styles, colors, and fabrics available. Today I have a wide design selection of jackets, skirts, robes, coats, tops, shawls, dusters, and hats, for dressy, every day, classic, business, and travel needs. 

My mission is to provide wearable art using today's finest quality fabrics that are comfortable, durable, unique, fashionable, and luxurious for today's active lifestyle. 

Sandy Swanson

Sandy Swanson creates unique, stylish clothing
for the discriminating woman who does not follow the crowd.

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